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Heartbreak Ridge

The first game played at Neshaminy’s new field, called the “Neshaminy Athletic Field” or “Playwicki Field”, was in 1956. In 1965 Dick Dougherty of the Courier-Times refers to Neshaminy’s football field as “Heartbreak Ridge”. It was appropriately renamed as Harry E. Franks Stadium in 1985. LED lights were installed in July of 2015. Neshaminy is the 1st High School field on the East Coast to have these installed

Wall of Fame

The “Wall of Fame” was built to serve as a very public and important display of the many players, coaches and others who have contributed so much to Neshaminy’s football program since its first season of 1928. The statue of Coach John Petercuskie Sr., 1960 - 1965, was dedicated on September 19, 2010. His record was 59-1-5.


Our Cheer team. led by Michelle Mazur has a long history of winning Championships. Known for their famous Chant "Everybody do the Redskin Rumble", they raise spirits at every game.

Student Section

Neshaminy has strong student participation and they represent at every game no matter home or away. The Redskin 8 changes each year and leads the student section in vocal support of our players.

Marching Band

Under the direction of Mike Lipton, our Marching Band is second to none. With a new and exciting theme each year, they keep the crowds entertained with their excellance in musical creativity and spot-on precision formations. For video of our fight songs click here

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Time will never dim the Glory of the Neshaminy Redskins...Harry E. Franks

  • "Set your goals high, and don’t stop till you get there" — Bo Jackson
  • "If you can’t outplay them, outwork them" — Ben Hogan
  • "Champions keep playing until they get it right" — Billy Jean King
  • "Persistence can change failure into extraordinary achievement" — Matt Biondi
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Game 1

Friday, August 24, 2018 Home Opener

Neshaminy 33 - North Penn 34

An epic battle on The Ridge goes to double OT

Langhorne: What a beautiful night for our home opener. We welcome Coach Dick Beck and his North Penn Knights to Heartbreak Ridge for the first game of the 2018 season. Three years have passed since the Redskins have met up with the Knights. Time to shake off the pre-season jitters and get to work.

The Redskins won the toss and struck first. With only four plays and a big 56 yard run by Oleh “The Iceman” Manzyk, the 'Skins were on the board. Thomas Leonhauser’s kick was good and the 'Skins were up 7-0. North Penn had two possessions but were unable to score in the 1st quarter.

The 2nd quarter saw North Penn put 14 points on the board with a 43 yard run by Shamar Edwards and a 44 yard pass to Jon Haynes with Charrodi’s kick hitting the mark both times for the extra two. Brody McAndrew threw a 12 yard TD pass to big tight end Bobby Buchys who hung on to the ball for the score but the kick was blocked. Score at half time ‘Skins 13, Knights 14.

The highlight of the 3rd quarter came with 30 seconds on the clock with a 49 yard run by Manzyk who powered past defenders to score, but the 2 point conversion attempt was no good.

It was an exciting 4th quarter with North Penn scoring twice – both times on runs by Julian White. The Knights tried an unsuccessful 2 point conversion but did gain an extra point on a Cherradi kick bringing the score to ‘Skins 19, Knights 27.

Then with 2 minutes left on the clock Brody McAndrew drove the team 69 yards with a 25 yard pass to Ryan O’Connor, a 24 yard pass to Logan Williamson and a 1 yard run by The Iceman. Going for 2, Manzyk would not be denied and punched it through for 2 to tie the game at 27 each.

With the game now in overtime neither teams were unable to score and the game was forced into double overtime. The Knights scored on a White run and the Cherradi kick was good. The ‘Skins came right back with a 10 yard TD run by Brody McAndrew but the 2 point conversion for the win was stopped by the Knight’s defense to bring the score to ‘Skins 33, Knights 34.

Both teams proved why they are the top teams in the Suburban One League. Neither refused to give up the fight and the last 20 minutes of the game were thrilling to watch. Hats off to The Iceman who was everywhere, doing everything, all game long. He carried the ball for 146 yards and scored three touchdowns.

Captains for the Night: Oleh Manzyk #5, Brody McAndrew #12, Cory Joyce #25 and Bobby Buchys #88

Good Night Mrs. B!

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Game 1
North Penn


Team Qtr Time Description NHS OPP
N 1 9:52 56 yard TD run by Oleh Manzyk and Thomas Leonhauser kick is good 7 0
NP 2 9:39 43 YD TD run by Shamar Edwards and Ayoub Cherradi kick is good 7 7
NP 2 5:34 Pass to Jon Haynes for a 44 yd TD and Cherradi kick is good 7 14
N 2 0:53 Brody McAndrew 12 yd TD pass to Bobby Buchys in endzone and Leonhauser kick is no good 13 14
N 3 0:30 49 yd TD run by Oleh Manzyk and 2 point conversion is no good 19 14
NP 4 5:23 11 yd TD run by Julian White and 2 point conversion is no good 19 20
NP 4 2:09 5 yd TD run by White and Cherradi kick is good 19 27
N 4 1:07 1 yd TD run Manzyk and a 2 point conversion run by Manzyk 27 27
NP OT2 0:00 5 yd TD run White and Cherradi kick is good 27 34
N OT2 0:00 10 yd TD run by Brody McAndrew and 2 point conversion is no good 33 34
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Game Pictures


Photos courtesy of Jesse Garber

For more game photos go to Jesse Garber on Zenfolio

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Game Video

Videos by Jack Haston

Video link for all Neshaminy games


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